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Storytelling is not just for someone standing behind a lectern. Taking time to take stock of your career, life choices, goals and values is tremendously important, and rearranging those into a coherent story makes them very clear. 


Working with me on your storytelling as you approach a big speech or presentation is going to make you shine when you get there. Your story will be clear, imaginative and exciting and your delivery will reinforce that you are the expert with calm charisma whom everyone should turn to. 


If English is not your mother tongue then any kind of story telling in English is going to be much harder - you’ll go through the same process of creating brilliant content, the right language and tone, but each stage has extra weight because you have fewer inbuilt checks and balances. 



I am a coach specialising in storytelling. 


Everyone has a story to tell – whether they’ve got a presentation coming up, want to make a big career move or need to navigate a difficult conversation. Really understanding that story is going to make every step easier, and working on that is a lot of fun.

I have had an exciting and diverse career in Media and Arts over the past two decades. I led a commercial team at the BBC and built a new theatre - and more recently a new political party - literally from the ground up. I draw on my experience in production, around pitches and pricing negotiations to enthuse my clients in their work.


I studied Classics at university and taught English in my early 20s. I take particular pleasure in helping someone to find the right language to illustrate what they are saying. It doesn’t matter if you’re an English Language beginner or preparing for a board room pitch - it’s empowering and liberating to know you are telling your story well.

Many, but by no means all, of my clients are extraordinary women whose success stories are screaming out to be told. I am eager to give women a voice and make sure their work is really heard. 


I am an empathetic listener, and I love meeting new people and hearing their stories – I enjoy my work and hope to bring a bit of magic into a client’s working day. 


I am a Fellow of the RSA and a founding partner of Vox Consultancy, where I work on Business Development.  

I work in London. 


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.


We all love stories – our ancestors have been passing them on to one another for thousands of years. We read stories to our children before settling down to our own grown up stories at the cinema or theatre, in box set or podcast form, or curl up with a book.


Lovable characters suffering wrongs make us weep with compassion; comedians can make us weep with side-splitting laughter; villains make our blood boil and thrilling plots keep us on the edges of our seats.


Stories fire up our imaginations, our empathy and our attention.


The values and lessons of well told tales stay with us long after the curtain has fallen or the credits have run.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that reaction to your business presentation or wedding speech?


The best storytellers can use narrative techniques to keep their listeners hanging on their every word. By really grasping the story you have to tell and by fitting it to your audience you will become an authoritative, engaging and much sought-after speaker.


The same techniques can be used for smaller interviews, tricky conversations and interviews.


Stories have value. Working on your story – your own brand, your latest project, your quarterly report – will improve performance. You will be a better communicator, raconteur and wit, but you’ll also see a return on investment in sales, marketing and finance. Clients, customers and colleagues respond enthusiastically to storytelling and you will reap the rewards. 





Most of my work is one to one coaching, but I also work with small groups (4-10 people) and deliver workshops for larger organisations.


Working together – for coaching, public speaking or teaching – does require you to commit to it and put time aside between sessions to really grapple with your story, so you need to be sure you care enough, and that you have time to do this.


Let’s start by scheduling in a free 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs and my prices. After that I’ll contact you with a recommended course of action and we can meet.


Typically a 20-30 minute presentation will take 6-8 coaching sessions over as many weeks, but each case is different and a one-off session may be just what you need.


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